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The art of Picasso in Gósol

Pablo Picasso was a contemporary art genius, a universal name known everywhere, with work exhibited in the principal cities of the world. A unique artist who changed the idea of what painting had been since the Renaissance. Born in Malaga, he lived in Barcelona and Paris, but there are some little known moments in his life. When he was young, he suffered a deep artistic crisis and distanced himself from the cultural and artistic circles of the great cities. He was distressed, tired and blocked. He was looking for a different language to fill his work, to break away from the predominant artistic trends in Europe in the last half a century. He needed a change of scenery.


In this situation, in 1906, two young strangers arrived on foot in Gósol, accompanied by a muleteer and his mules. He was a 24-year-old painter who nobody yet knew and who they would soon call "Pau" in the village. She was Fernande Olivier, an artists' model from Montmartre in Paris. The young couple had arrived at  Gósol from Barcelona thanks to the references given by a friend. They stayed in the small village in Berguedà for three months, which were highly important for the artistic evolution of the painter. Picasso would have time and space for thinking, walking, painting and drawing. He spent hours with shepherds, playing cards with smugglers in the village inn, dancing on Sundays in the Main Square and collecting fossils from the river.


His work was suddenly going to change. Ochre tones, very present in the mountainous and rural areas of Gósol, began to appear on his canvases. The eighty days he stayed in  Gósol mark an evolution towards simplification of shapes. In mid-August, Pablo Picasso and Fernande Olivier left the village, a few days before the beginning of the village festivity. The artist was full of ideas that he needed to put into practice. In Gósol, in the Cal Tampanada inn, is where Picasso would begin a new chapter in the history of art.


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